Professional Corporation

Asset Protection for Licensed Professionals

Ideal entity for lawyers, engineers, physicians, and other licensed professionals, forming a professional corporation can help protect your personal assets against lawsuits aimed at your practice, or any debts of the business, and potential negligence or malpractice of an associate. 


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What are the potential benefits of starting a professional corporation?

Corporate Advantages

Professional corporations are entitled to have all the benefits that are gained from incorporation, such as the ability to offer shares, favorable tax treatment, and perpetual existence. 

Protect Your Reputation

Forming a professional corporation allows the shareholders or employees of the business to avoid some personal liability for another employee's negligence. Keeps you protected on the fault of someone else's behalf.

Protect Your Assets

A professional corporation limits the personal liability of professional corporations shareholders and any of the business debts and obligations. 

We handle the paperwork

We know this process gets overwhelming, so we try to make it as quick and simple as it gets. We handle the required documents, and our team can file these professionally.

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