Benefit Corporation

Start & Grow your business while having a positive impact on your community. 

Forming a benefit corporation gives similar personal asset protection and formalization as forming a regular corporation with the added bonus of market differentiation as a mission-driven business


+ State Fees
Start Your Business

What are the potential benefits of opening up a benefit corporation?

Share your mission with the community

Get more support from any potential investors/customers, who favor the public benefit and approach of your benefit corporation. 

Personal Asset Protection

When you form a benefit corporation it shields the owners from being financially liable for the debts and obligations of the business. 

Differentiate Your Brand

Achieve more by having higher accountability as a business, gives you the opportunity to build growth while solving both social and environmental issues.

We Handle the Paper Work

We know the process gets overwhelming so we handle the required documents to get you started faster. 

Our Packages:

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